Geopathic Stress Free Zone

Only project in the tricity on Vastu basis to channelize the positive energies and bring prosperity, good health & longevity. Chinese vastushastra is most advanced in the world, which is well known fact. While starting the project they were consulted and to have positive energy flow through ground many techniques were used to harness underground water’s true potential to spread positivity all around the concerned area. This believed to bring prosperity and cheerfulness in the lives of persons living in that vicinity.

The way Vastu of a place is imperative,Geopathy also plays an important role in the stress free residence. Water is an element of energy and possesses both positive and negative energies. Being one of the most effective elements of nature, when positioned rightly, it can bring positivity, prosperity and good health in life.Every Golden Sand home is designed to remove negative energies, eschewed by neutralizing and diverting these waves using conventional yet reliable techniques that are being exercised for ages and have constantly shown positive output.

This has been scientifically proven that water flows beneath earth's surface along with magnetic waves but when any structure comes up and restricts the passage it starts emitting the waves through the surface of earth which travels through the building eventually setting up disruptive vibrations in the building. Geopathic stress has been dealt with carefully to keep all the negative energies and effects at bay and generate a happy and healthy precinct inside your home. Thus giving you an environment which is 100% positive energy zone.